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Georges   Ohsawa life

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Over the virtue man, who earns the highest kind of udgement.


Thereby reaches the virtue his aim, without to permit himself  to take something with force. He has success without to cause any kind of passion, without a destroying, without to feel himself proud, without to mislead his success, by that he stops. He is a winner without emotion, he creates without assets without to expect anything, he completes commendable works, without to adhere to them, precisely because he never adheres, they go on. The mildness defeats the rigidity, the weak defeats the violence.


That one, who dies without to stop being, reaches immortality…




A few introductory words about the live of Ohsawa.

No one of us is able to report authentically about his life and his work today, because no one of us has known him personally. Therefore we need a few sentences from the booklet from Rene Levy “The biography of Ohsawa”, in order to transmit the genius and the greatness of Ohsawa. Hubert Descamps was right to say that everyone who knew him and worked with him, was filled with happiness. It was an extraordinary privilege and the greatest honor to be in the vicinity of him. Madame Francoise Riviere said:”Ohsawa was the greatest man that I have ever known.” The French medec Dr. Ropars was fascinated by his methods of healing. In this consequence he said: His doctrine is so revolutionary, that one could certainly say in a few years in a discussion about the modern medicine - before or after Ohsawa”.

Ohsawa’s warning words to the auditorium during his lectures in Paris have always been the same: “ You are all to Yin. You have to make you Yang. You have to alkaline the over-acided blood. Away with all the extreme Yin- foodstuff.”

“Before you do anything, heal yourself, otherwise you will not overcome the obstacles, because you will have no energy and no will. His contribution to mankind and his work is immense. At the health sector, besides Hippokrates, Ohsawa is one of the greatest in history.

The life of Ohsawa was unimposing. On 21 of June in 1964, he transformed natrium into potassium in a small tube. The transformation from Yin to Yang and vice versa was spectacular.

Why then don’t transform war into freedom? He proclaimed: The third fire on earth is ignited – the transmutation from Yin and Yang from disaster to fortune, from disease to health, from an enemy to a friend etc.” He is in a hurry. He has to give a last contribution. He can no more serve the patients that overflow his small flat in Tokyo. “Time, from which I don’t have much anymore, is too valuable.”

On 11th of January in 1966: The great massacre, unparalleled by anything in the history of mankind, is happening for the prize of billions of Francs day by day. We know now that neither Bertrand Russell nor Albert Schweitzer nor Norman Cousins nor the Pope in Rom nor Kosygin nor Mao Zedong are able to stop these massacres. Ohsawa had still written a small article to the youth: “Die Schule des Willens” / richtige Überstzung lieber Zak bitte aus der englischen Bilbliography ersuchen, where he stated: I insist on the necessity of a completely new education. That is the education of the will that starts with a mediation of hunger and coldness”. The transmutation takes its course. He says adieu, “sayonara”. He shows in his last letter the way of the development of happiness for women. He apologises to his family for having neglected them during his entire life, in order to give himself to the others.

                                                     The most beautiful sentence of Ohsawa is:I have received a grain and with gratitude have I given ten thousands of grains back.


Last but not least luckiness of man could be measured at the number of his friends and therein to find always new one.

Georges Ohsawa, with his right name Nyoti Sakurazawa is the founder of the macrobiotic. With 19 years he felt ill with tuberculosis of the intestine and the pulmonary. The school medicine has stroken. But with Dr. Sagen Ishizuka and his plan to change the alimentary he recovered. That causes him to study the old medicine and the Far East philosophy, in order to gain knowledges about the combinations between the nutrition and disease. For that he had dedicated his life this doctrine and their proclamation. His countless healings of the most  of the school medicine dispatched people have underlined that, besides a lot of witnesses. The results for the health are so excellent and overwhelming, that a French medical doctor . Dr. Ropars wrote. “ His teachings are so revolutionary , that one can certainly agree with in a few years  in discussion  about the modern medicine : “ For or after Ohsawa”, as one can say “ For or after Christ”.

                                            He had also been in Lambarene in Central Africa next to Albert Schweitzer, in hope to do anything for the world freedom. Dr. Schweizer was a winner of the Nobel Prize. He was also a pacifist and vegetarien, but by the other hand than Ohsawa. Now a few words about  the   vegetarianism. The vegetarianism came from China, Japan and India. He differentiates himself mainly from the western vegetarianism. Last but not least Hitler was a vegetarian, but not exactly. Against him, Gandhi was a true vegetarian: This was decisive for his nonviolent actions against the Englishman. His principle of nonviolence had won. Only a few of the men know, that this was an unexampled case in  history,  to get rid of a conqueror without violence.

Ohsawa  felt ill with a mortal disease in Lamabarene, “the tropical ulcers”. One has to stress , that the tropical ulcers are a disease, that are fatal by hundred percent. There exists no chance for you, I have warned you and you have not followed my instructions. An important note.. Ohsawa had not eaten at the hospital with others, he had not worn a hat against the strong sun. He walked barefoot, like the natives, who led him to disaster. Within 10 days he healed himself. Dr. Schweizer did not shake him the hand, and did not mention his error. That was for Ohsawa a sign to leave Lambarene, and he did. Such scenes have often occurred between the academics and well known medicines. Many of them were not pleased to accept this great, practical and theoretical philosophy, despite the positive results , that could be seen.



An other controversial example out of Japan 1945, after the chute of the nuclear bomb of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: at a distance of 1800 meters linear distance to the explosion stood two hospitals.  the both hospitals were by hundred  percent contaminated with all the patients and the personals. Dr. med. Jatsunchiro Akkizuki , the head of the hospital  St. Francis , signs at his book “Nagaskai1945”, how he and his leading doctors survived unscathed. (Annotation:     

Dr. Akkizuki had heard lectures from Ohsawa and had practiced these experiences at his hospital) He had invented the macrobiotic practice at the whole hospital for the patients and the personal two years before. At he second hospital with the same distance to the scene of the accident all  people died. The pope in Rom declared it as a wonder.

As the consequence of the experiences of  Nagasaki one gave the people at the Tschernobyl catastrophe also Miso soup to eat. (Annotation: The Miso soup is a brown fermented paste of soya beans. It is the main component of the macorbiotic diet). In ancient China was the alimentation the main component of the traditional teaching. The prevention was paramount. In the occident did not exist such a teaching and only a few know about the best suited nutrition. There exist a lot of errors and superstitions . The human tragedy begins prenatal and run its course after the birth. We consume many foodstuffs,  that we have since our birth without any doubt. These alimentations are not good for our health and especially not for our children. In order to link some examples: Sugar and all sugar-based sweets, meet, cheese, butter and all the dairy products including the favoured ice cream, the French fries with ketchup and mayonnaise, as the super hit Coca Cola and other sweet beverages based on sugar. Has any mother thought anytime of this, certainly not. In all schools are Coca Cola automats and fast food obligatory. An other example in Split (Croatia) has the macrobiotic club “Zdravi Grad” with Zeljko Petrovic begun to cook and teach macrobiotic  and that functions very well. A different program runs with the macrobiotic association in Berlin with Hans Schmitt. This is probably the best way until now. We only can hope to give greater clarity in the macrobiotics by such examples.

Ohsawa said: Man is what he eats.  If the food is o.k., man will be o.k.. The infections with germs and viruses depend on the quality of the blood. If the blood is acid and not alkaline, we will fall ill. (Annotation: Over the genus:) Our genus will be acid , if we eat permanently meat, cheese and dairy products, ice cream, eggs and especially sugar, because our  meal is not balanced out,  because of ignorance. (We will stress these aspects further on).  In the ancient China one has judged over anyone, by observing these parts of the body, that he paied attention at dinner, either the precious or ignoble. Ohsawa said, that one can not heal a disease without changing the food. In order to understand his doctrine, one has to eat 10 days brown rice, in order to see the effect of the food to the body and the soul. Everything in the world became decadent and would be commercialized also the macrobiotics. (Annotation: A stay at the Kushi institute in Boston costs 4000 dollar for a month, so we have heard).

                                           The most important condition is to read the books from Ohsawa, in order to understand his philosophy exactly

We will inform you, about the recommendable books. Ignorance is the highest evil in our world. Wilhelm Reich mentioned. Finally are mysticism and superstition that what dominate the thinking of the greatest majority of the men and destroy their lives. Belief without knowledge is superstition. If  anyone , who is able to acquire  knowledge, will not use this offer, he will make the greatest stupidity. The Spanish poetry Federico Garcia Lorca said, that one has to struggle against the hunger at first and than will break up a great mental revolution, which could never be seen on earth .  Also the words of Charlie Chaplin: “We have developed the speed , but we did not make any progress mentally.” We speak too much and feel to little.

Therefore we have decided to transmit you by an other proceeding and handling to propagate the highest doctrine of Ohsawa by publications in any languages. On this occasion we ask  all kind of people, who agree to our contribution, whether you like o help us altruistically to translate a few pages of our web site in other languages. The interpreters are not willing to do this and give freely of their time for a charitable purpose, without enormous fees. The greatest ignorance dominates this area, which is most important than science, economy and politics, because this is the basis of our life. The best proof are the overcroweded hospitals, mental houses, prisons etc. and that is very alarming.

                                            The  man of today become comfortably . He gave up thinking. A citation of Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker out of his last book “Der bedrohte Frieden”. Hihgly  recommendable. An ordinary German is “absolutely obedient, weaned by thinking, a typical heeler”. This is unfortunately significant for the whole mankind. The modern man got at the same time slow and is not willing to do any kind of sacrifice, either for his health, or for the life.

He expects that always others, who should care for him. Two following maxims get the heart of this: “Lethargy is the human rust”,” Idleness is the root of all evil.”. We remind you again about the modern man, who is comfortable, lazy, letharigic, alienated, lonely, ignorant, intolerant and prejudiced. These qualities are reducible to the habits at table.

One has the best access to informations via the Internet than before, Therefore it is not comprehensible, why there spread so many lack of interest and indifference. How many words are necessary to explain the essence and what for  words. The little book “ Das Manifest der kommunistischen Partei” from Karl Marx has caused more trouble than all the other written books before. Wilhelm Reich said, that this was the merit of Karl Marx to change countenance of the world forever. How many soldiers, innocent people and especially children had even to die, so that we recognize that this leads nowhere.  Have Waterloo,Verdun  and Stalingrad not shown us, that we should rethink our actions. The military service has been abolished in many countries and that is good so.  But the social and economic difficulties make it easy to recruit paied merecenaries and to transform them into killing-.machines. That is all a sign of our low judgement.  The great merit of Ohsawa is, that he had recognized as the first one the true reason for such attitudes. He had shown that one can only change the way to think and act by a correct alimentary. The changing circumstances will change our lives completely and with it our judgement.


                                          A few animals will heal themselves with wild herbes, if they fell ill, only man, as a “superior” species not.


Back to Ohsawa – If the singular man is able to restore his health, it will be possible to establish the world peace.


To the question “Why and How” gives the nourishment the answer.


Already Hippokrates has affirmed: “Your food will be your medicine and not reverse.”


Wilhelm Reich was right when he said: “The contemporary man is unable for liberty” and weaned of thinking.