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This project is dedicated to the great George Oshawa and his wife Lima – two very particular people. They have made a significant contribution to our understanding of health and healthy diet. Oshawa’s way of explaining what causes diseases and how to heal them was a philosophical, biological and logical revolution.

A human is what he eats! Nutrition is the basis of our life, which determines everything: Our thoughts , our emotions, our behavior , our entire physical and psychical constitution, whereby the physiological components determine the psychological and not vice versa. Who does not agree to this, is ignoring the source and rule of the true life. Such a man is a hostage, captured in an illusory and superficial world of pleasure, without health, joy and luck.


Georges Ohsawa

Lovely firends, we cordially welcome you to our website.  At the beginning a few inviting words for what this matters and what we are looking for to do. There it treats of our health.

We have started this project as a message for all the countless ill people. It will be practiced  Europe-wide. This is the first attempt by this method after Ohsawa ever. The motives for such a project are:


1. There is no area of life and no subject in which the ignorance is as high as in the area of nutrition. The main fault lies within education and schooling and with the society in general.


2. Never before in history has mankind been so distanced to the nature and never before in history has the nutrition been so extremely chemically treated and denatured as it is the case today. The consequences are overcrowded hospitals, lunatic asylums, prisons etc.


3. Never before in history has the danger of a nuclear war been so close as it is at the moment.

One says that we are living in an abundance of and have a much comfortable and easier life than before in history. But this belongs rather to the technical field, in reference to the health it looks absolutely different. Some people say that we were enlightened and that the sciences and the medicine have reached a lot of progress. The opposite of that claims George Ohsawa, the founder of the macrobiotic. His words: The most progressive medicine  at the top of the civilization has degraded the health of every human being, so that these civilized people are weak now, compared with the uncivilized and primitive people. The education founded at the science has the consequence of the descent of the human discernment.

We will explain the term discernment in the course of this contribution, above all how one can unveil the discernment. This was the main message of Ohsawa.. We have recognized this 5000 old physical and biological principle of freedom the macrobiotic and we will spread it all over the whole world, although we aren´t going to pass the borders of our own and inner revolution. Or isn´t it time to propagate this with great courage and with a loud voice, to show the only way to freedom and liberty, after which the whole world and mankind ask for. These were the last words of Ohsawa and the description of the situation in the 70 th. Today everyone knows, that the situation is very, very more difficult and more dangerous.

We have to mention Noam Chomsky who expresses and stresses in his book “Die Herren der Welt” the actual situation and the nuclear danger today. In order to enlighten this situation and to take away all the errors, we will invite you to a fascinating discovery tour. A lot of things that you will experience and will see here are absolutely new ,a fortiori more difficult will it be to show you the advantage , you will gain during the journey. This is not a world of pleasure, parties, champagne, excellent wines, steaks, caviar, delicious desserts with cognac and so on, no nothing of the sort, but we can insure you one thing, if we reach our aim, you won´t be anymore the same one. There is no doubt that someone of you have to overthink and to change anything. That is sufficient for the beginning, we can not expect any more.

Schopenhauer was right, while he was saying: “ If you read my books, you will have to repeat the lecture two or three times, otherwise you will not understand anything.” That point was a matter of the philosophy, but here it concerns about the alimentation which is much more necessary than the science and the politics as it is the basis of our life. Please read the following pages, whom we have summarized several times, because the subject is not so easy to understand like you have expected it. Here it is about the far eastern philosophy and way of life, with that we are not familiar exactly. You don´t have too much to do. You should listen and watch about what happens there. If you don´t do this, we can unfortunately not help you, to teach the essential thing and this would be a pity. It is exactly the same, if you are not attentive at school, you will not pass the exame.

There where we travel to, it gives the only principle Ying-Yang, the far eastern philosophy. It is the world of health, joy and happiness. If you think maybe that there is everything o.k. and you are healthful and you are happy, you belong to the minority, congratulations! But the majority don´t feel so good anymore, neither financial nor sanitarily and as far as the future is concerned it don´t seem good. If the great majority of absolutely desperated people don´t see a way out, the solution will be very simple. You will become a macrobiotic specialist. These have always been the   inviting word of George Ohsawa, the founder of the                                                                                                                                             macrobiotic.

It should always be stressed that the macrobiotic has not a psychological inflationary end in itself in order to feel oneself very intellectual or to make oneself intellectual with the teachings of Ohsawa. We will teach the doctrine of the macrobiotic only in honour of George Ohsawa.

Oshawa was impressed with French culture and history, he spoke French and spent more time there than in any other European country. Accordingly, it is in France where he is best known. One of the best biographies about Oshawa’s life was written by a French, Rene Levy, founder and manager of one of the largest centres for Macrobiotics in Europe (“Cuisine et Sante”) in St. Gouden, not far from Lourdes, among the best known European places of Pilgrimage.

In his wife, Lima, Oshawa had a great supporter without whom he probably would not have been able to accomplish his mission. It was a huge project requiring great commitment and sacrifice. It remains unclear how he managed to write more than 300 books in such a short period of time and to be involved at so many places all over the world. This is exactly where his brilliancy becomes apparent.

There have been a number of Oshawa’s students who supported him to a great extent and therefore need to be mentioned here. Among others, these are Micia Kushi and his wife Aveline, Herman and Cornelia Aihara, Jira Nakamure and Noboru Muramota who was one of his most faithful followers and who after Oshawa died became new director of his centre “Ignoramus” in Japan.

In Europe the people closest to Oshawa and his teaching were: Madame Francoise Riviere (the president of the Ignoramus Centre in Paris), Hubert Descamps (whose book “Hippocrates was right” is one of the Macrobiotics classics), Rene Levy (director of the centre “Cuisine et Santé”) and Pierre Geaveaert (founder of “Lima”, one of Europe’s leading producers and dealers of healthy food) and the Catholic priest Paul Dietrich from Reichsfeld in Alsace/France, one of the oldest Macrobiotics teachers in the world.


Now begins our lecture.

We begin with the inviting word of Rene´ Levy out of his book about Ohsawa: “ The great bird, who left Japan yesterday and put down a man, who will bring a handful westerner a gift and also a job.” The happiness of life. Attention! Whether it doesn´t look so, this man is a primitive. The last one. His laughter is open hearted. He greets with a fraternal kindness, his glance seems to read the collected students faces and he speaks to them. The study has begun. The location has a less intention. A hall here or there, an isolated beach, everyone comes there and listens attentively. He looks youthful, although he is over 70, he chooses his expressions sensitively and awakely. He spreads calmness behind that hides a kind of an uninhibited behavior and a meekness.

He  tells and the audience discover in this relaxed atmosphere that they will all suffer from a disease: “The veiled discernment”(1). This is exactly the genius of Ohsawa to unveil the discernment. He dedicated his existence to this adventure. His warning word, “ be free, independent, never work for money, never be a paied slave, never eat too much, don´t eat also too much from the best and most healthful macrobiotic meals, that is not good, the quantity changes the quality. You won´t get health, if you are ill and eat good and good tasting macrobiotic meals, but the abstinence of your preferred meals and beverages, whom caused your disease also besides other facts.

The sexuality: the most disastrous disease which exists is the loss of the sexuality. If the man loses his virility and the woman loses her feminity, their two lives will be unspeakably sad. The sexuality is the sunrise of life. The sex life is the basis of being, it is the key of the evolution. Without sexuality there couldn´t be any kind of life, no existence, nothing essential would be born without sexuality. An other great man, Wilhelm Reich, developed the concept of the orgastic potency. According to it the orgasm is the central detension of the human beings and the orgastic potency is the basis of the physical und psychical wellness and the human health. Ohsawa asks for, why exist in the world so much sexual tragedy. The causes are that three quarters of the human beings  suffer from illness of the glands und the sexual organs. His warning words and recommendations are  especially for the women, whom he admires and loves as the creator, if you want to get very fast the most beautiful and most happy woman, you shall never eat animal products, because they are too Yang. (Regarding Ying-Yang later). It isn´t allowed that such a sublimely constitution of the woman that it is subsisted on hemoglobin.

Only the man is able to eat animal products, because he is much more violent and crude by nature. During his last years, whom he spent in Europe and the USA he interviewed hundreds of desperated people, suffering from sexual illness: impotent man and women with effluence (white , yellow, green), hermaphrodites, people with a morphologic or psychologic teratology, women without menstruation or without a regular menstruation, with painful or bad smelling menstruation, women without any sexual attractivity,  masculine women, that contradict and protest, and so on. The destruction of the sexuality is the worst destruction of the universal order. If the man feminizes, he will lose his iron will and if the woman masculinized, she will lose her charm and tolerance. This is the end of the human race, from that you can even hear the prelude. His warning words are, hal thee anormal sexuality with a strict macrobiotic diet, because three quarters of the human beings suffer from illness of the glands and the sexual organs.

These are the reasons of all the grief in buddhism. A correct cognition of the connection with the cognitions, sources and causes are no longer possible with the blurred, veiled spiritual eye, because the spiritual eye is unable to see and recognize them. Similarly if you watch through scratched, polluted glasses, you will not be able to observe or estimate the situation correctly, one loses his way or causes an accident and leads oneself and the others into danger. This blurred eye guides to a false knowledge, which has the consequence of false and wrong activities (self-destructive, and the others destructive). That cause nothing else than grief. Thereby has the evil

Ohsawa stresses: Cancer is the degeneration of the whole organism. It doesn´t exist any kind of disease, which couldn´t become a disease of the glands and sexual organs. He shows the solution, the macrobiotics. Further on both have estimated and understood the global situation exactly. Wilhelm Reich mentioned, that one should not describe the crimes in the world as crimes  but as a disease and also  should one treat them and heal them. He describes in an example. In the year of 1927, there had been a peaceful demonstration of workers (they were disarmed and therefore not able to defend themselves), where the police shut without a plan at the crowd. Over 90 workers were died. He described the situation as “a mechanical assassination without sense and reason.” For thousands of years ago the same act that never ends.

Two revolutionary developments of two great men. Wilhelm Reich considers cancer not separately, mechanically, but as a general disease of the organism, which has its reason in a chronic stagnation of the biological sexual energy.

There we are again to Ohsawa and his great development the veiled discernment, but there´s more to it than that, because there exist 7 steps of discernment. These are the great earnings of Ohsawa, it was his main aim to unveil the discernment during his whole life. That is Ohsawa, it is Ying-Yang veiled discernment, Sanpaku-the only principle.  This will be the subject in the process of the lecture.


The veiled discernment  is a term from Hinduism, yoga, and Buddhism, as well one speaks by having a correct discernment of Viveka. The Viveka results out of the spiritual eye, which is veiled, polluted, spoiled by a wrong way of life ( wrong thoughts, bad thoughts and out of that resulting  wrong activities, wrong nutrition, bad emotions and affects, wrong and crud words, being a talebearer, and so on) These are the “substances”, the “mud” that pollute the spiritual eye. This wrong way of life has its reason for the elementary so called mental poisons:

1)Ignorance  2) anger/ rage/ hatred/aversion 3) greed 4) envy/ jealousy 5) pride/arrogance

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